YES. Bags packed and passport at the ready, I am available and willing to travel worldwide for all your destination needs. I offer special travel and destination discounts for those looking to capture their wedding/elopement somewhere far away. 

Lets just say you’re not the only one to dream big around here. ;)


I am currently based in the Twin Cities area of MINNESOTA, where I grew up and went to college. From long lake days, campfire air, the biggest mall, and all four seasons, I am truly blessed to experience the wild life of the midwest. I’m kept on my toes, to say the least. Any Little House on the Prairie fans out there? ;)


If you are looking to book with me for your wedding, elopement, or portrait session, please fill out an inquiry form located in the INQUIRE page of my website. I will then send you an email through HoneyBook with my Price Guide detailing all the packages offered! 

If you have questions about anything at all, please feel free to email me at I can’t wait to hear from you!!

Pricing for all 2025 wedding packages starts at $4,000*


This, my friend, is something you will NOT have to worry about. If I expected all my clients to know how to pose/”model”, I’d just consider myself a modeling agency (this is not my goal, by the way haha). Instead, you can show up expecting to have fun, laugh, and be yourself as I work with not just prompts I might have in mind, but who you are and the wonderful personalities you bring to the table.



One of my FAVORITE topics. First and foremost, I get the coolest job of capturing you in whatever makes you most comfortable, whatever best reflects who you are. What are your colors? What styles make you feel most alive? Whatever it ends up being, I can promise you are already so, so beautiful. 
If you are stumped, or simply feel open to the many aesthetics of our world, I might have a few options to think of. At the end of the day, what you really can’t go wrong with are those TIMELESS pieces that blend well into our ever-changing trends. 
Think solids–patterns are most definitely fun, but can easily distract, especially in changing settings and lighting. As for color, aim towards neutrals like black, white, grays, browns, and beiges. Pops of pastel might also do the trick, adding some personality to this special time in your life. In my experience, simplicity goes a long way. If you don’t think you’ll love it ten years from now, opt for something else!! The goal is to love these photos beyond the in-and-out styles, trends, and whatever the next celebrity is wearing (although Jennifer Anniston’s Rachel Green 90s look has never left my wish-list closet).


Everything I said above applies to your significant other!! Do what fits the two of you best TOGETHER. When it comes to that timeless look, complimenting each other with colors and patterns will help represent you two as a couple. Again, all neutrals go so well together, making it near impossible to wrong. 

Want to bounce ideas off me? A thousand times YES. I love love getting to help my clients assemble their wardrobe so they can feel the MOST confident when they rock it in front of the camera. I’m giddy right now just thinking about it. :)

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